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apple crisp grain free scd diet

easy grain free apple crisp

the perfect grain free, gluten free apple crisp– it all comes down to the topping. I’ve made many an apple crisp in my day. It’s always been one of my favourite desserts to make, partially because it’s easy af (read: I’m lazy), and partially because […]

homemade grain free breakfast sausage

homemade grain free breakfast sausage

ground pork is used to create some good ol’ fashioned breakfast sausage. As someone who has a limited consumption of pre-packaged foods, I’ve had to figure out how to re-create some of my favourite items that in my past life (which was not too long […]

refined sugar free raspberry jam

Raspberry jam is one of the easiest things to make ever, despite the fact that for whatever reason, jam always sounds like a daunting task. At least, before I started to actually make my own jam I thought that jam was a lot of work. […]

grain free lemon cherry muffins

These scrumptious, creamy muffins were a result of one of my many dry curd cottage cheese, also known as farmer’s cheese, baking experiments. If you follow the SCD diet, you’ve heard of the infamous DCCC– it can be difficult to find, but it’s become one […]

grain free coconut crack

I must warn you. I call this COCONUT CRACK for a reason. Because it’s literally crack. Ok, not literally. Figuratively? It’s actually just a healthy person’s form of crack. Crack for all the health addicts, if you will. Apart from the addictive qualities of this […]