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If you’re not sure where to start with any recent healthy lifestyle changes or diet (Specific Carbohydrate, Paleo, AIP, Keto and beyond), I’m going to be highlighting some of my favourite cooking and baking essentials, whether it’s a frequent Amazon purchase, or something that’s ~always~ on my grocery list, you’ll find it here. This page is updated on a rolling basis with any new additions or addictions in my life!

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glass mason jars

Fill them with any and everything. Literally. I use the wide-mouth mason jars to store muffins and donuts, they happen to slide right in the jar and stack perfectly (at least, the size of my muffins and donuts do– buyer be ware!! If you’re muffins/donuts fit, you can usually stack 3-5 muffins and 5-6 donuts per jar).  Of course, these are also key for storing your homemade jams, sauces, and whatever else you need to make from scratch on your health journey!

wide mouth 24 oz jars

16 oz jars

32 oz jars

instant pot 6-quart 10-in-1

The one and only. Well, actually, not true at all, there are many different slow cooker-type options, but I do love my Instant Pot for more than one reason. I switched over to the Instant Pot a couple of years ago, when my Crock Pot finally went caput and I was actually at the beginning of my SCD diet journey. I did my research, and I loved the fact that this particular Instant Pot is also a yogurt maker, thus negating my need for a second appliance in a yogurt maker (which I had been heavily debating). Best decision ever. I have one less appliance which is a win in and of itself, while I can still do all my slow cooking and plenty of other options I don’t use nearly enough (such as pressure cooking). 

air fryer lid 

Well, obviously. Once air frying started to take off on these e-streets, I was in research mode, trying to figure out if it was worth the hype/which one to buy. Ultimately I did cave, but in a compromising sort of fashion (at least so I tell myself), I opted for the air fryer lid to my Instant Pot so as to, yes, avoid another bulky appliance. The lid isn’t as big as storing a whole ‘nother appliance, and given how often I use it (I go through waves of frequent and non-frequent use) it was definitely worth it. 

parchment paper

Omg, my one true love, parchment paper. I don’t think I had ever bought parchment paper purposefully once in my life before I started eating SCD. Since going grain free and refined sugar free, and becoming a baker in my free time (lolol), parchment paper has become my BFF. I use it not only every day in baking and cooking (literally line every and anything with it, because less mess), I also use it as a background quite frequently in my Instagram photos (yep). It’s the best, bleached or unbleached, although recently I’ve been dabbling in unbleached and loving it.

organic sun-maid raisins

Okay, these are also my one true love. Out of all raisins, these are the freaking best. I also happen to use raisins frequently, in a lot of my recipes, whether it be granola or muffins, and I also love to snack on them (peanut butter and apples with raisins sprinkled on top, for example). I always have these in my cupboard.

almond flour

Okay so, I definitely prefer baking/eating coconut flour, but that’s not to say I dislike almond flour by any means! It’s a staple in grain free baking, no matter what diet your on (assuming you can tolerate it!), and it lets you make the most bread-like grain free bread in existence (my recipe for buns is here). Nonetheless, I’ve used a couple of different almond flours to much success before settling on my go-to’s– often times it will come down to which brand is more on sale, if there is a sale, as both have a quality product for a really good price. That is, Amson Naturals (especially if you’re in Canada!) and Kirkland Signature.

coconut flour

Ahhh, what would I do without my OG coconut flour??? Since starting the SCD Diet a few years ago now, I’ve become more and more accustomed to baking with coconut flour. It’s swiftly become my favourite grain free, SCD diet-friendly flour (although there are certainly other grain free flours, such as cassava, those are not also SCD legal). Thus, if you are perusing the recipes on my website, you will see a ton of coconut flour-baked muffins, donuts, cakes, galore. If you’re in Canada, I highly recommend Amson Naturals’ coconut flour. If you’re in the United States, I’ve often also bought Anthony’s Organic coconut flour or Viva Naturals’ organic coconut flour as great options!

coconut oil

This is definitely a healthy-baking/grain free baking staple. Coconut oil is made from pressing fresh coconut meat or dried coconut meat, resulting in a type of fat that can easily be substituted at 1:1 in the place of things like butter, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, etc, providing you with a 100% fat source; 80%-90% of which is made up of saturated fat. So that’s my quick lesson in coconut oil, now, as far as my recipes, I often use it or I mark it as a a possible substitute in many of my recipes. I go through waves of relying on it as my main ‘oil’/fat. When I do, I often use Nutiva Naturals

ghee butter

Ghee butter is another possible fat substitute, especially if you want to stay as true to that ‘true’ butter flavour but cannot tolerate any dairy or lactose– this is clarified butter, which has all lactose and casein removed from it in the process. It also makes for a higher smoke point than regular butter. I love 4th & Heart ghee butter; I often keep a jar of the pink salt version in my cupboards. I often list ghee as a possible fat substitute in recipes, as again I myself change up between ghee, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and butter depending on the time, day, recipe, etc.

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