the grain freee zine

The GRAIN FREEE ZINE no. 1 is the first edition in a zine series from @grainfreee, aka Rose Lilah. The zine is entirely handcrafted, including original black & white illustrations on each page that are meant to be coloured in (as well as one complete colouring-book page). The zine is meant to not only provide resources and inspiration for those who are on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but for anyone who is interested in any type of whole foods diet and lifestyle.

The zine is based around the idea of eating real and unprocessed foods. The zine includes tips and pointers, meal ideas, complete and exclusive recipes, original illustrations, and more! The physical copy costs $10 USD, however you are able to download a free e-book version of the zine as well!

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grain freee zine
grainfreee zine
grain freee zine
grain freee zine

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